Our Vision & Concept

Circa redefines connectivity, making communication efficient and simple.
This means that leasing staff spends less time making calls and more time
connecting to tenants. It helps you solve vacancy and delinquency issues. It
means tenants are satisfied that they can quickly and easily reach your
staff. It means that your building is a business, a home and a community.


“Circa Innovations uses the highest-grade equipment available to ensure that residents have excellent WiFi and IPTV services and few technical support issues and that's why we've deployed their technology in multiple Audubon locations.”

– Melissa O’Neal, Audubon

Contact Us

Circa Innovations
PO BOX 15285
New Orleans, LA 70175

Phone: 1-888-917-9920

Phone: 888-917-9920
Email: sales@gocirca.com

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